Hexagon Consultants Partner with Responsible AI Institute

Written by Sue Williams

Hexagon Consultants has been confirmed as the implementation and delivery partner for the Responsible AI Institute (RAII) in the UK and Europe.

The RAII is an independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the responsible development, procurement and use of AI tools across a wide range of use cases.

The RAII is also the first organisation in the world to offer an independent, accredited certification program for responsible AI. The AI system certification pilot was launched with the Standards Council of Canada, and is now being incorporated into UKAS – the national accreditation body of the UK.

The partnership sees Hexagon Consultants add another capability to its impressive catalogue of services: helping clients to unlock their AI’s potential responsibly.

Hexagon Consultants’ deep experience of working between organisations and their technical partners made it the perfect partner for the RAII. Hexagon Consultants will now offer its clients a whole suite of services to support their responsible use of AI, including:

  • Organisation level AI risk and maturity assessments
  • Risk and maturity assessments of AI vendors/advisors
  • RAI certification of specific systems and models
  • Support & development of procurement processes and governance frameworks to ensure the selection of responsible suppliers
  • Ongoing AI regulation tracking
  • Ongoing maturity assessments and system/model certification

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic for business”, said Sue Williams, Managing Director at Hexagon Consultants. “There’s lots of headlines about how AI can transform businesses and increase value, and there’s also been a significant increase in the number of companies offering AI services.”

“But with all these opportunities comes risk. Whether it’s ensuring that AI systems cause no harm to an individual, or protecting your investment by making sure it achieves its objectives, creating or using AI comes with responsibility.”

“RAII and Hexagon Consultants share a passion for responsible AI. We are proud to be working together for AI we can trust.”

Ashley Casovan, Executive Director at Responsible AI Institute, said: “RAII is proud to be leading the way in Responsible AI certification. As our UK, and Europe delivery partner, Hexagon Consultants Limited will be bringing their leadership and expertise in helping organizations scale and grow their Responsible AI practices.”

You can learn more about the RAII by
visiting their website, or downloading their whitepaper on The Responsible AI Certification Program.

For more information about Hexagon Consultants’ partnership with the RAII, you can contact
[email protected].

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