5 reasons why your supply chain is the best place to start assessing business performance

Written by Sue Williams

Looking to assess your business performance but not sure where to begin? Your supply chain is the best place to start.

Here are five reasons why…


Reason #1: You get an immediate perspective

Business performance and supply chain performance are inextricably linked. One can’t thrive without the other. You can get an immediate estimate of business performance just by looking at your supply chain.

Reason #2: You can see clear symptoms

Issues in your supply chain are clear signs that something has gone wrong elsewhere in the business. Understanding the full range of these symptoms will help you identify their root causes — which typically stem from issues with the core operating model.

Reason #3: Improvements ripple through

Any changes you make to your supply chain have the potential to ripple across your entire enterprise. Small improvements here can have a big impact elsewhere.

Reason #4: You can identify profitable products

If you decide to prioritise high-margin products that boost performance, then you need to know how much each product actually costs your business. Looking through the lens of your supply chain helps you take production, storage and delivery costs into account, for a more rounded view.

Reason #5: Third party performance matters

Your business performance doesn’t exist in isolation. It’s also driven by the performance of your suppliers and delivery partners. Investigating your supply chain helps you to understand how any third parties are impacting your performance.

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