We Are Your Trusted Strategy & Operations Partner

When it comes to strategy and operations, your job is to take clear, decisive action and steer your business through a complex and changing environment.

Our job is to make sure you have the capability and capacity to make this happen.

The choices you make now can impact your business far into the future.  Making wrong decisions is expensive and diverts attention away from growth and value delivery.

Our team has extensive experience supporting in areas such as:

  • Developing business strategy
  • Business acquisitions
  • Designing and leading change & transformation initiatives
  • New product development
  • Optimising business delivery models & improving operations
  • Responding to changing business dynamics

Hexagon will always rise to the challenge

Whatever your organisation structure or challenge, we can help you focus on the right actions.

You may be a senior stakeholder in the public sector or an executive in a private company. We consult collaboratively with our clients on strategy and operations issues to generate results at all levels.

From changing the whole business direction to driving performance improvement into a specific function or capability, we know how to deliver.

We understand how supporting you to identify opportunities to increase value and control costs will give you a competitive advantage.

How We Work

From day one, we work collaboratively with you to quickly understand your business, its culture and challenges.  Then we can start to effectively support you with strategy development and delivery.  We don’t just talk; we roll our sleeves up and rise to every challenge.

Our goal is to ensure a crystal clear connection from strategy, through your business operations, to delivery.  While always identifying and assembling the best team for the job.

We work in partnership with you throughout the whole process, adding experience, capability and bandwidth to your existing management team.

Our focus is on results: leaving you with the legacy of a stronger organisation.

Our Strategy Services

Business Strategy

When considering your business strategy and operations, you take into account a combination of multiple elements.

We have supported many businesses to clarify strategy in all the crucial areas:

  • Your vision & mission
  • Markets & business environment
  • Products & services
  • Sales proposition
  • Organisation design
  • Operating model & capabilities
  • Culture & ways of working

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Strategy Case Study

Strategic Alignment

Most businesses have a thorough annual planning process.  Often this is time consuming, costly and becomes out of date very quickly.  In many instances this process no longer meets the needs of a dynamic and continually changing business landscape.

We understand that your business needs to be agile and to pivot on an ongoing basis to accommodate these changes. You need to be able to regularly re-align your strategy and objectives.

We have a tried and tested process to review how your current business initiatives align to your ever evolving business strategy.

This will help you to understand both the individual and collective view of their priority and the potential business impact, feasibility and value.

Not all organisations manage, adapt and realign their agreed strategy throughout the year.  This means they never have full visibility and understanding of their portfolio and the impact of these changes.  And this makes informed and quality decisions in response to proposed changes very difficult.

Our strategic alignment process will ensure your whole organisation is working towards shaping the future, responding to change and adapting where required, without losing sight of your overall agreed plan.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management

Designing, initiating and delivering successful transformation activities against an appropriate governance framework is essential.  This is how you ensure they are delivered on time and to budget whilst realising their stated benefits as and when expected.  This can often mean striking the appropriate balance of formality and control whilst preserving the energy, drive and ambition of the project teams.

With extensive experience in running cross functional initiatives for a range of organisations, Hexagon can provide a critical eye and health check to ensure the programmes and projects are running as they should be.  We will make recommendations and provide support for improvement.

Our work stems beyond conventional project management.  We include focus to aspects that are sometimes overlooked, for example:

  • stakeholder engagement
  • benefits realisation
  • delivery agility – a focus on being agile rather than doing agile.

Whether you need us to provide insight and a better understanding of your portfolio and initiatives, or you’re looking for a specific skill and resource that you don’t have in-house – the Hexagon team will rise to the challenge.

Transformation and Change Management

Organisations are continually being asked to be agile and responsive to changing business conditions.

The concept of ‘business transformation’ refers to a change management strategy needed when business objectives change.

This can be driven from external factors; changes in legislation, competition & markets, the development of new technologies, the increase of costs or decreases in price affecting margin & profitability.

It can also be driven from internal factors within the organisation; changes in roles & functions, the introduction of new technologies, changes to processes and ways of working to do things better, faster and cheaper.

Hexagon has designed, supported and led both operational and strategic transformations for organisations in a wide range of industries.

We work with you to understand how your business currently operates so that we can develop a realistic plan to make your vision and business ambitions a reality.

M&A and Integration

Mergers and acquisitions are a business staple.  Whether to support growth, diversification or expansion.

We have worked with businesses at all stages of the process, supporting:

  • due diligence
  • planning the transaction
  • post-transaction approach
  • managing the transaction itself
  • supporting the integration
  • ensuring the transition to business as usual

Find out more about how we supported Liberty Steel with an Acquisition & 100 day plan

Acquisition Case Study

Supply Chain and Operations Consulting


We are experts in Manufacturing Consulting

In an environment of intense competition and cost increases, you could be facing a number of manufacturing strategy challenges, such as:

  • where to design, make and service your products
  • how to manage an increasingly global supply chain and customer base
  • how to continue to support your customers and drive value from your aftermarket and aftercare

In addition to the everyday challenge of simply getting your products out of the door on time and at the right quality.

We know you have a job to do to prepare your business for the long term future.  Engendering customer loyalty and maintaining a competitive advantage is more difficult than ever before.

We understand these challenges because we have been there, working with global manufacturers, managing the same situations under the same constraints.

Hexagon is an expert manufacturing consulting firm when it comes to supporting your manufacturing operation.

Driving productivity and efficiency requires the coordination of demand, data, process, people, materials and machines. The ability to see the connections and knowing what levers to pull is vital to success.

We know how to find the balance between supply chain resilience and risk.

We can help you to ensure your manufacturing is aligned with the wider business in delivering the overall business goals and objectives.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Improving processes by aligning and integrating your supply chain
  • Creating a lean manufacturing process and improving delivery to customers
  • Minimising waste and cost whilst driving up your delivery performance
  • Managing the trade-off between cost, inventory and service levels
  • Driving more efficiency into your manufacturing and supporting processes
  • Exploring and exploiting the opportunities from digitisation, data analytics and AI
  • Investigating the options for increasing productivity on the shop floor and quality through increased automation

Supply Chain

Our supply chain and operations capability means we can identify and squeeze out any opportunities for improvement.  We work in partnership with you and your operations team to deliver sustainable change.

Our supply chain assessment provides a system level view of all your supply chain interactions and influences.  It is an end to end review.

We start with the behaviour and profile of your demand, your customer delivery performance before reviewing your tier one supply base.

It will help you to understand both your risk profile and cost drivers.  It will also highlight areas of potential value add and cost reduction.

Inventory management and control is also a common problem for many businesses.

We can help you to:

  • identify the drivers of inventory
  • determine what the right level of inventory is for your business
  • establish the tools to manage your inventory to the right level for the long term

In addition, we have skills and experience in all the wider supply chain activity including forecasting, demand and supply management, distribution and physical logistics.

See our Dyson & Jaguar Land Rover Case Studies


When you’re looking to understand and manage your costs, Procurement is a key area of focus.

We can help you understand:

  • What you are spending your money on and in what category
  • Whether the contracts being placed are cost effective and providing the right service
  • The performance and capability of the procurement team and the tools and systems it uses
  • Whether your current supplier base is providing the right levels of capability and service
  • The potential for cost reduction or value creation

We can then support you in creating and delivering the plan that will deliver this potential.

Aftermarket and Aftercare

Retaining a customer is far more cost effective than continually finding new ones.  However,  this is often a neglected part of a business’s offering.

Aftermarket and Aftercare have significant potential to add value by aiding customer retention and creating long term stable revenue.

Whether it’s the provision of parts, repairs, maintenance or service, providing ongoing technical or customer support or a full availability service.  The dynamics and requirements are different from the original service delivery.

We have extensive experience in the design, development and delivery of all types of Aftermarket and Aftercare services.  We can help you understand the potential, assess your current performance and help you deliver improvements

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