Retail and E-Commerce Consultancy Services

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Due to major global issues such as Covid 19, Brexit and the sustainability agenda, the way in which we shop is encountering seismic shifts at a speed never seen before.

We provide Retail and E-Commerce Consultancy Services to support with this new transformational agenda.  Our expertise covers:

  1. How brands and retailers acquire, engage and retain customers now and in the new normal
  2. The role of eCommerce, Direct to Consumer (D2C) and the digital ecosystem required to compete going forward
  3. How brands and retailers should create the physical store for the future
  4. The strength and sustainability of supply chains for the long-term

Retail & E-Commerce Consultancy Services

The good news is the team at Hexagon have experience and know how around each of these important and connected issues. From eBay to Next to Specsavers to Shop Direct our leadership experience is broad and diverse and Retail and E-Commerce is a key strategic focus for the business.

How do brands and retailers acquire, engage and retain customers

Whether it is offline or digital marketing, the need to drive traffic and footfall and continually assess your marketing strategy is key in this digital, social media age.  The competition for our attention has never been so intense.

Having acquired the customer, how do you then personalise and tailor their experience to help build a brand connection that sticks?

From digital to physical store we have deep experience in customer acquisition and the tools for retention.

Ultimately, Amazon has taught us over recent years that having a relentless culture of customer obsession and using every consumer connection to further enhance the customer journey over time is the key to ecommerce growth and retail success.

At Hexagon, we see that, we understand that and we work with our clients to acquire and then retain customers based on best practice. 

The role of E-Commerce and Direct to Consumer

In recent months eCommerce businesses have seen accelerated growth to the point that all of the previous predictions on the share of retail revenue are having to be rewritten!

Even if you consider a more longitudinal study, e-Marketer points to US growth of 9% for traditional retail and 63% for e-Commerce over the last 3 years. However, the more astounding statistic is the growth of “Direct to Consumer” or “D2C” Retail (removal of the middle man in wholesale / retail) with growth of over 200% in the last 3 years and these stats were pre-Covid!

The Hexagon Team has deep leadership expertise from working with high profile online businesses: eBay, Next, United Biscuits, Specsavers, John Lewis and Waitrose.  We have the knowledge and know how to help you compete today and to build the foundations for future and sustainable growth.

We are highly recommended by our clients and have you covered for all of everything from ecommerce setup, ecommerce strategy, customer attraction to webstore, fulfilment, transportation and returns.

How do brands and retailers create the physical store for the future

Whether it is considering the “till-less” shops of the future or creating a personalised, curated in-store experience for your customer base, the days of mediocre retail are disappearing into the distance.

With the acceleration of eCommerce and D2C channels, physical retail is under pressure to step up to the plate.

With more than 70% of shoppers still preferring to shop in store this is not a time for High Street Retail to surrender to the digital “pure plays” which have had success in recent times.

Done correctly, physical stores still have a major role to play and are key to the omnichannel experience consumers expect.

Amazon and Walmart are still investing in physical space as many consumers still prefer the experience of physical retail

B2B Digital Commerce

The strength and sustainability of your Supply Chain

Take your pick, but as a retailer, brand or manufacturer, supply chains are under pressure. For most UK retailers “Brexit” is still a challenge to be addressed.

The need to consider plan B and plan C has never been more prevalent due to the volatile nature of the import and export practices deployed by most countries across the globe.

At Hexagon we have experience assessing the robustness of the supply chain in retail and manufacturing. Our credentials include experience with Dyson on their global supply chain and the work on inventory optimisation within Jaguar Land Rover.

We recognise the importance of supply chain optimisation to retailers and that is why we have this skill set covered by seasoned operators who recognise its importance to the health of businesses in the retail sector.

Get in touch to find out more about how Hexagon can support your business with our Retail & E-Commerce Consultancy Services

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