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Put simply, the essence of People and Organisation Practice is to focus on the most important asset a business possesses; its people.

Human resource management, including leadership, culture, talent, employee relations, development, effective global mobility and reward, is the key to creating stronger, more agile businesses.

Hexagon’s approach to its People and Organisation Practice helps organisations redefine and, in some cases, reimagine the employee experience over the entire life cycle – from recruitment to reskilling to retirement.

Our holistic and human-centric approach enables organisations to succeed today and thrive tomorrow.  Take a look at our Klarna Case Study.

The world of work is evolving

Technology has been radically transforming the way work gets done, changing the skills that people need for their jobs, and redefining the jobs that will be needed.

Businesses must now review their people and organisation practice to combine these new technologies with human capabilities to power growth, innovation, sustainability, and resilience. The result of this marriage between people and technology is HR transformation at a pace we’ve never seen before.

2020 has changed everything

The pandemic has launched many businesses five to ten years into the digital future.

Virtually overnight, remote working and automated operations have become realities with some of these changes set to stay. Companies are making decisions to now set up homeworking as a “default option” with major organisations like Twitter leading the charge.

This means finding new methods of people management and more focus on organisational design than ever before.

Leadership and culture will be especially important in a post-COVID-19 world given the dramatic increase in digital and virtual work environments and the human resource challenges facing every business.

No doubt there will also be changes in interpretation of employment law as this ‘new normal’ unfolds.

Our People & Organisation Services

Building Cultural Capability

Across every level of your business, through better employee engagement and by creating a diverse, inclusive culture that will enable your organisation to thrive.

We think about culture in the same way a CTO would think about an IT Road Map. It is undoubtedly a mid to long term programme of work with sometimes many stakeholders, key milestones and dependencies.

The ability to be clear on the success criteria and the current “as is” and “to be” status is key to achieving your goals.

We believe there is nothing more powerful in this space than leadership behaviour and the “shadow that we cast” as leaders. Culture change comes from the top!

Fuelling Performance Through Purpose

Organisations that maintain a strong “purpose-driven” culture are more than twice as likely to have above average shareholder returns. More than this, these cultures attract and retain the best talent.

This is especially true for the leaders of tomorrow with many millennials citing a purpose driven culture as top on their motivating factors.

Expert Leadership Support

Using a holistic, human-centric approach, we collaborate with clients on the fundamental pillars of their people strategy. This enables their HR organisation to support business leaders as true strategic partners.

Talent Management

Hiring and developing the best talent is everything. Human capital is critically important to the bottom line. The ability to effectively assess and nurture your people on a global scale shines the spotlight on “people analytics”.

Mergers & Acquisitions

One of the pre-requisites for a business looking to acquire at these dynamic and uncertain times, will be the need to quickly integrate skills and capability following an acquisition or merger.

Our leadership team at Hexagon have experienced successful and unsuccessful deals and have the “battle scars” to prove it. This experience means we are perfectly positioned to accelerate successful integrations before and after the day 1 process.

Let Hexagon Support With Your People & Organisation Practice

From eBay to Next to BMW to Klarna we’ve worked with and in some of the world’s best organisations. We’d welcome the opportunity to help you with the most important agenda a business has – your people.

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