We have experience consulting across a wide range of industries, supporting strategy and operations, people initiatives, organisational development and finance practice.

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Aerospace & Defence

We provide expert consulting to aerospace and defence companies in the UK.

This hugely important sector for the UK economy, with an annual turnover of £35 billion, is currently experiencing significant transformation as a result of market disruption, budget restrictions, the increasing cost of production fluctuating fuel prices and political uncertainty.

In addition, the UK Government’s Aerospace sector deal aims to put the UK at the forefront of the electrified air transport revolution by 2025.

Our aerospace experience includes working on projects for BAE Systems, the UK Government Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and Pattonair.


We have significant experience in the diverse automotive market.  We work closely with vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers to maximise business potential for today and in the future.

We have worked on a wide range of projects for automotive businesses, including overhauling inventory management and identifying process improvements for Jaguar Land Rover.

Our expertise in this industry covers core business operations, supply chain and business strategy.


Although we’re currently experience choppy waters as we enter the first recession caused by a pandemic in living memory, FMCG brands are in a unique position to navigate this.  This is largely down to the continuing need for essential products.  The likes of Unilever & P&G have seen profits and sales increase respectively during 2020.

However, in the midst of these environmental factors, we can also see that it’s becoming harder for consumer product companies to engender customer loyalty. From better variety in channel dynamics to reconfigured manufacturing assets and resource preservation, Hexagon can help you to not only keep your head above water, but thrive in a challenging economy.


Hexagon is ideally placed to support you with the strategy for your Healthcare organisation for 2021 and beyond. We will help you to consider the relevant drivers of change – such as a growing and aging population, rising prevalence of chronic diseases, infrastructure investments, technological advancements and workforce shortages.

Hexagon has experience in helping stakeholders and organisations in the healthcare industry to work towards digital transformation whilst tackling the financial challenges that drive the need for value in a highly strained system.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is in a state of flux exacerbated by the spread of COVID-19. The sharp decline in fuel and power demand has created new challenges and recovery is only likely once COVID-19 is under control and economic activity starts to return to normal.

Work from home policies, reduced demand for products such as cars, household appliances and other consumers goods could also lead to a long term change in purchasing behaviours.

To remain competitive, players in the energy industry will need to be agile and flexible. We can support you with juggling short term priorities with long term investments to help you prepare for the future.



Throughout 2020, the retail world has been changing at an unprecedented pace, resulting in significant challenges and opportunities.

With the uncertainty of Brexit over the last few years and the ongoing pandemic, the industry has seen significant store closures and re-structuring.

However, on the flip side many businesses are seeing their online sales growing exponentially, specifically with a real surge around “Direct To Consumer” offerings – but the problem is that their organisations and operations may simply not be set up to cope with this strong shift to digital and the skills and capabilities required.

This is where Hexagon can really help.  Our consultants have extensive experience in retail and e-commerce working with the likes of eBay, Shop Direct, Next and Klarna.  With our support, your organisation can not only take advantage of the changing retail landscape, but also experience growth.


With our experience in the Steel Industry, we are perfectly placed to help your business weather the rapidly evolving impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the steel markets.

Whether you need support with the escalation of trade and cross-border investment policy restrictions, the effects of Brexit, or the financial challenges stemming from slowing economic growth, Hexagon can rise to the challenge.

Telecoms, Media & Utilities

Telecoms, Media & Utilities

Telecoms, Media and Utility services play a more critical role in our everyday lives than ever before. As our demands for these services increase so does our expectations of service experience, reliability and price.

As technology and infrastructure improve, products, services and content are more widely available driving up customer choice. The result is that customer and business experience are now key differentiators to success.

The challenges in these sectors are many.  Stronger regulation, stricter environmental targets, higher customer expectations, population growth and technological disruption.

We work with our clients to turn these challenges into opportunities, bridging the gap between Strategy and Operations to get stuff done. We are not career consultants and have been in your shoes. We are ideally placed to help you prioritise precious resource to improve customer experience, optimise performance, drive out cost and retain and expand your customer base.

Our highly experienced team bring extensive industry expertise and deep insights to help companies navigate these rapidly developing times.