D2C Model: Consumer Centricity in a D2C World

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There’s never been a more critical time to have a clear approach to your D2C (Direct to Consumer) offering.  The rise of e-commerce and marketplaces in our retail landscape is sure to have a long lasting and profound effect on our global shopping experience over the upcoming decades.

The acceleration towards digital as a result of the global pandemic means that if you are a manufacturer or brand who hasn’t yet started planning your D2C activity, it’s more important than ever before to review your business model.

We’ve written a comprehensive white paper, “Consumer Centricity in a D2C World”, to help clarify some key strategies and actions to help you to move from a traditional retail model to sell directly to consumers online.

This paper addresses the challenges of being an online retailer, how big brands are becoming first and foremost D2C companies, marketing strategies and the use of marketplaces, key considerations when you cut out the middleman and barriers to entry.

D2C Model

This free D2C white paper is critical reading for you if any of the following apply to your business:

  • You are yet to establish the key building blocks of a D2C strategy
  • Your business has traditionally never operated a direct to consumer model
  • You are considering how to maintain brand equity when using marketplaces and retailers
  • You want to understand the importance of customer experience to your strategy
  • You’re contemplating the role of your physical retail stores in a digital world
  • You know consumers expect a seamless experience but you’re yet to get a robust supply chain in place

A strong D2C proposition is a necessary step to ensure brand saliency, longevity and that all important personalized experience for consumers.  Now is not the time to be left behind.

Download our latest white paper: Consumer Centricity in a D2C World

Access our online D2C diagnostic tool, Centricity

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