Strategy - Case Study

“Practical recommendations and solutions that actually add value and are achievable.
My metaphor would be…other consultants we worked with promise the miracle diet pill…take this and you will lose 2 stone in a day.
Whereas with yourselves it was more about driving real change that the business could handle. Doing all the things that need to be done because there is no miracle overnight fix. You have to do the work and your team helped show us and guide us to doing the work.”

Jeannine Chapman
Group Supply Chain Director, JLA

The Issue

  • A strategic review required
  • Needed a supply chain review
  • End to end order process
  • Poor data capture and management

Our Approach

  • Strategic review of business blueprint, org design and transformation plan
  • Assessment of “end to end” supply chain
  • Digitalised key data capture processes

Our Approach

  • Demand segmentation & inventory analysis across complete product range and markets
  • Assessment of “end to end” supply chain including global markets

What We Delivered

  • Recommendations for strategic change
  • Future state analysis
  • New supply chain framework
  • Significantly reduced drop out orders
  • Developed six sigma capability in the organisation

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