Performance improvement is not the same as continuous improvement

Written by Peter Ahye

Want to improve business performance? Don’t change your ERP. Just do the basics well.

A lot of organisations talk about the benefits of CONTINUOUS improvement, but what about the additional benefits of PERFORMANCE improvement?

Continuous improvement is about making positive, incremental changes over time. It’s an ongoing process which focuses on making small adjustments which eventually add up to something greater.

Performance improvement takes into account the bigger, holistic picture. It looks at your entire organisation, maximises the efficiency of your processes, and ensures that they’re all working together for wide-scale success.

In short:

  • Continuous improvement helps you make smaller continuous improvements.
  • Performance improvement helps you solve the big issue at the heart of everything.
  • Both have their merits. But together, they’re even better.

Which type of improvement do you believe in? Continuous, performance, or both?

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