Delivering Competitive Supply Chain Advantages

Sustained growth and excellent Customer Service are factors of a well designed, well managed, innovative and efficient supply chain. Ensuring you meet your customer promises in a profitable way are the demands our experts have met on a daily basis throughout their retail careers.

Our ability to support you encompasses the full breadth of the retail supply chain, from sourcing through to the all important requirement of reverse logistics and returns strategies. From On Line to High Street, omni-channel and multi-channel, we are well placed to provide you with a breadth of support and innovation including consultancy, interim resources and training.

What we offer

Business consultancy

Hexagon Consultants have considerable retail industry experience, but our recommendations are not based on past glories. Our proven methodologies combine class-leading analysis of your business data with keen business intelligence, to deliver clear insight and value. We can help you tackle a one-off project, recommend solutions in problem areas, or optimise performance. The best results come from an holistic view of the supply chain. Why leave value, profits or cash behind? The improved processes and capabilities we can offer will enhance business multiples and smooth the process should you choose to sell your business in future.

Implementation and delivery

We are more hands-on than other retail business consultants, with experience of actually implementing the changes we propose – and getting results, too. So if you need a highly skilled resource that can provide implementation, oversee your projects and offer ongoing management support, there are few professionals more capable than ours.

On-going business support

In a constantly changing retail landscape, continuous improvement is a must. Hexagon Consultants can keep supporting your business with regular reviews and off-site services such as forecasting, planning and inventory management. We can also provide highly experienced resource to fill your short-term and long-term skills gaps.