Business Solutions for Manufacturers

Manufacturing is about making a great end product and delivering on time. And the same goes for our results-driven consultancy, implementation and business support services. Our razor-sharp analysis combines your data with our decades of hands-on experience. So whether your goal is greater control or to improve processes and performance, we are ready to help you achieve it.

We are here to help you get results, and we know that requires manufacturing or assembly sector experience, intelligent analysis and a solution that supports you for as long as you need. We will use all three to help you in the following areas…

What we offer

Business consultancy

Are you starting a new project, tackling performance issues or in need of effective change? You need to fully understand your challenges to achieve fast, sustainable results – which is why our consultancy is based on incisive analysis of your business data and decades of experience. We have achieved successful outcomes at a wide range of manufacturing companies, across a variety of sectors.

Implementation and delivery

Usually, consultation is limited to identifying and highlighting business change. With Hexagon Consultants, you can also implement our recommendations with support from highly accomplished professionals. Our services can be customised to your needs, providing on-site management of change projects, specialist resource or ad-hoc support as required.

On-going business support

There is no such thing as ‘happily ever after’ in manufacturing. As the business landscape changes, successful companies evolve with it. We can help you stay the course by providing regular reviews and off-site services such as forecasting, planning and inventory management. We can also offer resource to meet your short-term or long-term skills and capability needs.